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Extreme cheesy cheese flavor

Extreme Cheesy Cheese – Thailand

Flavor: Extreme Cheesy Cheese Country: Thailand When Seen: July 2021 In a Bite: Like ham or smoked gouda, depending on who you ask. In a Haiku: Stock up on Lactaid. Or find yourself slung over. Yet still wanting more. Origin Story: For this edition of the Max series, the Thai Flavor Department wanted to see …

Ghost pepper flavor

Ghost Pepper – Thailand

Flavor: Ghost Pepper Country: Thailand When Seen: July 2021 In a Bite: All chili. Comes on slowly, but intensifies and sticks around for a bit. In a Haiku: A ghost of itself. Live to eat another day. Spicy without pain. Origin Story: Thais like it hot, so what better way to tickle–or incinerate–the tongue than …

Korean cream cheese garlic flavor

Korean Cream Cheese Garlic – Thailand

Flavor: Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Country: Thailand When Seen: July 2021 In a Bite: Smells like a stinky blue cheese, tastes like sour cream and onion In a Haiku: Smells like a wet sock. Tastes just like the streets of Seoul. Hold your nose and bite. Origin Story: Once again, the Thai Flavor Department has …

Summer BLT flavor

Summer BLT – USA

Flavor: Summer BLT Country: USA When Seen: June 2021 In a Bite: Toasty with a hint of mayo. In the words of one potato chip fan, “It tastes like what eating a sandwich feels like” In a Haiku: It’s all about crunch. Hidden member of this club. No offense, mayo. Origin Story: The bacon lettuce …