Summer BLT flavor

Summer BLT – USA

Flavor: Summer BLT

Country: USA

When Seen: June 2021

In a Bite: Toasty with a hint of mayo. In the words of one potato chip fan, “It tastes like what eating a sandwich feels like”

In a Haiku: It’s all about crunch. Hidden member of this club. No offense, mayo.

Origin Story: The bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich (aka a BLT) is an American classic, with variants dating back more than a century ago, although its name and popularity likely exploded in the post-WWII period, at least according to the global mind meld that is Wikipedia. While we’ve always thought of the BLT as year-round sandwich, some would beg to differ. Clearly Christine Gallary got into the heads of the Lay’s Flavor Department when she convinced them to release their homage to the classic BLT as part of their limited summer series.

Photo and taste submitted by: Humantooth

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