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Khao soi chicken flavor

Khao Soi Chicken – Thailand

Flavor: Khao Soi Chicken Country: Thailand When Seen: March 2024 In a Bite: Like khao soi curry, but sweeter In a Haiku: Rich, creamy, and bold. All the crunch, none of the mess. Plus, extra sugar. Origin Story: Khao soi is best known as a dish from northern Thailand, although its origins apparently date back …

Spicy ranch flavor

Spicy Ranch – Jordan

Flavor: Spicy Ranch Country: Jordan When Seen: November 2023 In a Bite: Strong Heinz mayonnaise with a random burst of paprika on every few chips In a Haiku: Not your mother’s ranch. A bolder take on the past. More sweet than spicy. Origin Story: Ranch is one of the OGs of Lay’s flavors, but today’s …