Spicy ranch flavor

Spicy Ranch – Jordan

Flavor: Spicy Ranch

Country: Jordan

When Seen: November 2023

In a Bite: Strong Heinz mayonnaise with a random burst of paprika on every few chips

In a Haiku: Not your mother’s ranch. A bolder take on the past. More sweet than spicy.

Origin Story: Ranch is one of the OGs of Lay’s flavors, but today’s consumers want bolder flavors–or at least the impression of bolder flavors by way of bolder names. The Lay’s Flavor Department in Jordan understood this astutely well when they decided to bring this limited edition taste to the market. In some ways, one might consider the over hyped, underwhelming spiciness of this chip to be the quintessential American inspiration, taken right out of the Madison Avenue playbook.

Photo and taste submitted by: Benita

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