Creamy cheddar cheese flavor

Creamy Cheddar Cheese – Jordan

Flavor: Creamy Cheddar Cheese

Country: Jordan

When Seen: January 2022

In a Bite: Like cheddar cheese, in chip form

In a Haiku: Eat in cave or out. No limits with this cheddar. Ridged, for your pleasure.

Origin Story: Legend has it that the first cheddar cheese was created, as many good things are, by accident. A local milk maid forgot some milk she had left to cool in a nearby cave and when she went back to it, it had started to solidify into a delicious proto-cheese. Still not fully hardened, this first iteration was very likely still creamy in nature. Close to one thousand years later, enter this homage to the legend. And while it may be hard to see how a potato chip can be creamy, you are nevertheless invited to use your imagination.

Photo and taste submitted by: Benita

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