Tomato ketchup flavor

Tomato Ketchup – Jordan

Flavor: Tomato Ketchup

Country: Jordan

When Seen: January 2022

In a Bite: Sweet tomato flavor with notes of onion, garlic, and balsamic vinegar

In a Haiku: The perfect topping; for a fresh flame-grilled burger. Go fire up that grill!

Origin Story: While ketchup may seem to some to be a universally standard flavor, anyone who has traveled around the world knows that its flavor can vary significantly, even with the same brand. So while there is already a national heritage Ketchup flavor in Canada, it was not exactly paired to local palates in Jordan. And thus, Tomato Ketchup was born. A distinct, yet still distinctly delicious take on ketchup dipped potato chips.

Photo and taste submitted by: Benita

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