Ketchup flavor

Ketchup – Canada

Flavor: Ketchup

Country: Canada

When Seen: January 2022

In a Bite: A bit tomato-ey with some tang.

In a Haiku: Cleaner than french fries. And more convenient as well. Bold simplicity.

Origin Story: While its neighbor to the south may think of Canada mostly as a land of hockey and maple syrup, it is also a country that has ingeniously paired a humble tomato-based condiment with a plain potato chip for the perfect tangy crunch. Despite debate as to whether this combo was actually invented in Canada or in the US, it is Canada where it found its home, much like various other waves of Americans who has immigrated north over the centuries in search of freedom. This quintessential Canadian flavor is either a national treasure or embarrassment, depending on who you ask.

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