Three cheese flavor

Three Cheese – USA

Flavor: Three Cheese

Country: USA

When Seen: January 2022

In a Bite: Like oddly shaped cheese puffs

In a Haiku: Not one cheese, not two; this one is layered with three. A new cheese puff king?

Origin Story: After almost two years of supply chain disruptions and shortages of everyday household goods, like toilet paper, milk, and orange juice, Americans have been yearning for a new type of snack to hit the shelves of supermarkets and gas stations as a symbol of a return to normalcy in 2022. The Lay’s team heard that signal loud and clear, blessing American shoppers with Layers, a rugelach-shaped chip. And because they are so light and airy, they fill up a bag faster than typical potato chips, meaning that they can sell a lower quantity for the same price as traditional chips. The perfect inflation shield. So why three cheese? Nothing is more American than throwing a whole bunch of random cheeses onto something.

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