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Cheese flavor

Cheese – Tunisia

Flavor: Cheese Country: Tunisia When Seen: September 2019 In a Bite: Just as you would expect, the taste of classic cheese flavor dusted atop. In a Haiku: Sprinkled with cheese dust. These are just as you’d expect. Cheesy and salty. Origin Story: While not the most original of flavors, we have to hand it to …

Bolognese flavor

Bolognese – France

Flavor: Bolognese Country: France When Seen: September 2019 In a Bite: A bit of tomato with some Italian seasoning In a Haiku: Meat, meat, where are you? Not in this bolognese here. Lonely tomatoes. Origin Story: From the images on the bag–and the flavor of the chips–clearly no one in the Lay’s flavor department in …

Crab curry flavor

Crab Curry – Thailand

Flavor: Crab Curry Country: Thailand When Seen: August 2019 In a Bite: Strong curry smell hits your nose first, followed by mildly sweet and salty curry flavored chips. No taste of seafood. In a Haiku: No fishiness here. Only sweet taste of curry. Just add your own crab. Origin Story: Crab curry is a classic …

Extreme hot chili flavor

Extreme Hot Chili – Thailand

Flavor: Extreme Hot Chili Country: Thailand When Seen: August 2019 In a Bite: Our local taster tells us that it’s not even spicy in the least… unless they got a bag from a batch that accidentally wasn’t seasoned In a Haiku: So spicy that your; tongue is tricked into thinking; that it’s chili-free. Origin Story: …

Honey butter flavor

Honey Butter – Indonesia

Flavor: Honey Butter Country: Indonesia When Seen: Not reported In a Bite: Untasted. Have you tried it? Email us and tell us what you thought. In a Haiku: Bees and cows make for; Another Japanese craze; Sweeping through Asia. Origin Story: According to Singaporean food blogger PinkyPiggu, honey butter flavored chips have their origins in …