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Xtra flamin' hot flavor

Xtra Flamin’ Hot – USA

Flavor: Xtra Flamin’ Hot Country: USA When Seen: March 2024 In a Bite: A tongue full of powdery pepper, mildly sour and fairly spicy In a Haiku: Vertically hot. Bathed in thick chili powder. Keep away from kids. Origin Story: Lay’s has no shortage of flamin’ hot flavors, but they couldn’t use just any old …

Sweet potato flavor
China USA

Sweet Potato – China

Flavor: Sweet Potato Country: China (found in USA) When Seen: February 2024 In a Bite: Untasted. Have you tried it? Email us and tell us what you thought. In a Haiku: Orange, not yellow. Perfect pair of sweet and salt. Better than classic? Origin Story: Sweet potato chips are certainly nothing new to the potato …

Khao soi chicken flavor

Khao Soi Chicken – Thailand

Flavor: Khao Soi Chicken Country: Thailand When Seen: March 2024 In a Bite: Like khao soi curry, but sweeter In a Haiku: Rich, creamy, and bold. All the crunch, none of the mess. Plus, extra sugar. Origin Story: Khao soi is best known as a dish from northern Thailand, although its origins apparently date back …

Sweet & spicy honey flavor

Sweet & Spicy Honey – USA

Flavor: Sweet & Spicy Honey Country: USA When Seen: March 2024 In a Bite: Similar to teriyaki and sriracha sauce In a Haiku: Aggressive honey. Like a bee sting to the tongue. Grab your epipen. Origin Story: Hot honey made its presence felt a few years ago when it became the latest condiment rage in …

Rooty tooty fresh and fruity flavor

Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity – USA

Flavor: Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity Country: USA When Seen: March 2024 In a Bite: Intense artificial strawberry smell followed by strong hints of syrup and bacon In a Haiku: Want pancakes? Go to; International House of…? Lay’s potato chips. Origin Story: Last year, IHOP went all out for its 65th anniversary, including bringing back …