Khao soi chicken flavor

Khao Soi Chicken – Thailand

Flavor: Khao Soi Chicken

Country: Thailand

When Seen: March 2024

In a Bite: Like khao soi curry, but sweeter

In a Haiku: Rich, creamy, and bold. All the crunch, none of the mess. Plus, extra sugar.

Origin Story: Khao soi is best known as a dish from northern Thailand, although its origins apparently date back to itinerant Muslim traders from southern China. With its rich coconut based curry, sour accoutrements, and crispy noodle toppings, it is about as well-rounded as you can get from a soup. It has, perhaps, only one downside. When slurping up its deliciously soft noodles–not the crispy ones on top–it is very easy to spray and stain your shirt yellow. The Lay’s Flavor Department had ruined one too many white dress shirts enjoying khao soi at Ong Tong– the Bangkok-based purveyor of khao soi that’s honored in the top left of the bag–when it dawned on them. Why not create a khao soi flavored potato chip that could not possibly stain their shirts?

Photo and taste submitted by: Alisa

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