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Heinz mayonnaise flavor

Heinz Mayonnaise – Thailand

Flavor: Heinz Mayonnaise Country: Thailand When Seen: June 2023 In a Bite: Sweet and zesty In a Haiku: Mayonnaise on chips? Not as strange as you might think. Like you’re in Belgium. Origin Story: Another in the Heinz mashup series, along with tomato ketchup. While mayonnaise flavor is perhaps not the most common to find …

Heinz tomato ketchup flavor

Heinz Tomato Ketchup – Thailand

Flavor: Heinz Tomato Ketchup Country: Thailand When Seen: June 2023 In a Bite: Sweet, with a mild tang In a Haiku: Not your classic Heinz. A big helping of sugar; awaits with this one. Origin Story: As many long time readers will be aware, the Lay’s Flavor Department in Thailand loves brand mashups. This mashup …

Cheesy garlic bread flavor

Cheesy Garlic Bread – USA

Flavor: Cheesy Garlic Bread Country: USA When Seen: June 2023 In a Bite: Cheesy, garlicky, and a hint of herbs In a Haiku: Dracula beware. Lactose intolerants too. This has your number. Origin Story: Yet another bread themed limited time flavors, this one has its origins in the classic Americanized Italian recipe for garlic bread, …