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Cheesy garlic bread flavor

Cheesy Garlic Bread – USA

Flavor: Cheesy Garlic Bread Country: USA When Seen: June 2023 In a Bite: Cheesy, garlicky, and a hint of herbs In a Haiku: Dracula beware. Lactose intolerants too. This has your number. Origin Story: Yet another bread themed limited time flavors, this one has its origins in the classic Americanized Italian recipe for garlic bread, …

BLT sandwich flavor

BLT Sandwich – USA

Flavor: BLT Sandwich Country: USA When Seen: May 2023 In a Bite: Smokey with a hint of mayo In a Haiku: Bacon, lettuce, and? The ‘T’ is for tomato. Taste the smokiness. Origin Story: The bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich is a classic American sandwich dating back to the early 20th century, if not earlier. …

Cuban sandwich flavor

Cuban Sandwich – USA

Flavor: Cuban Sandwich Country: USA When Seen: May 2023 In a Bite: Dill, and not much else In a Haiku: Viva la sandwich! Because the chip version died. Only dill remains. Origin Story: After cigars, the Cuban sandwich is perhaps the best known Cuban treat in the US, particularly in Florida where it has its …

Fritos chili cheese flavor

Fritos Chili Cheese – USA

Flavor: Fritos Chili Cheese Country: USA When Seen: September 2022 In a Bite: Scent of cumin, extra salty, faintest taste of cheese, no chili In a Haiku: If you like strong scents; salty, indistinct flavor; this is your new chip. Origin Story: This is the fourth of the known limited edition flavors released in the …

Doritos cool ranch flavor

Doritos Cool Ranch – USA

Flavor: Doritos Cool Ranch Country: USA When Seen: August 2021 In a Bite: Just like Doritos Cool Ranch, but without that perfectly paired Doritos consistency In a Haiku: Better than Buckner; in game six of ’86; but not quite on Curb. Origin Story: The year was 1986. The New York Mets were on their way …

Cheetos cheese flavor

Cheetos Cheese – USA

Flavor: Cheetos Cheese Country: USA When Seen: August 2021 In a Bite: Like Cheetos but without the light, airy crunch In a Haiku: Chester can’t be pleased. Less dangerously cheesy. And a bit less bite. Origin Story: Due to the ongoing disruptions to the workplace resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lay’s Flavor Department team …

Summer BLT flavor

Summer BLT – USA

Flavor: Summer BLT Country: USA When Seen: June 2021 In a Bite: Toasty with a hint of mayo. In the words of one potato chip fan, “It tastes like what eating a sandwich feels like” In a Haiku: It’s all about crunch. Hidden member of this club. No offense, mayo. Origin Story: The bacon lettuce …

Game day chili flavor

Game Day Chili – USA

Flavor: Game Day Chili Country: USA When Seen: January 2021 In a Bite: Cheddary, beefy taste, yet oddly similar to the deep dish pizza flavor In a Haiku: Sleep in late today. No need to slow cook this one. Couch and sports await. Origin Story: Nothing is quite like sitting in front of your TV …