Doritos cool ranch flavor

Doritos Cool Ranch – USA

Flavor: Doritos Cool Ranch

Country: USA

When Seen: August 2021

In a Bite: Just like Doritos Cool Ranch, but without that perfectly paired Doritos consistency

In a Haiku: Better than Buckner; in game six of ’86; but not quite on Curb.

Origin Story: The year was 1986. The New York Mets were on their way to winning their second–and last–World Series title against the at-that-time-still-cursed Boston Red Sox. Similarly, the Doritos brand, after being mostly a one-trick pony since its own launch in 1966, shook up the snack world with its launch of Cool Ranch. With nostalgic reboots of 80s and 90s TV classics tearing up the charts, the Flavor Department couldn’t miss the chance at dousing a Lay’s potato chip with Cool Ranch flavoring as part of this limited time cross-brand mashup.

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