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Chantarelles with cream sauce flavor

Chanterelles in a Cream Sauce – Estonia

Flavor: Chanterelles in a Cream Sauce Country: Estonia When Seen: November 2023 In a Bite: Crunchy, cream of mushroom soup In a Haiku: Emerging each fall. Like apricots from the earth. Baked to perfection. Origin Story: One of, if not the, most prized wild mushrooms for foragers in Europe, the chanterelle mushroom is beloved for …

Prik pao cheese flavor

Prik Pao Cheese – Thailand

Flavor: Prik Pao Cheese Country: Thailand When Seen: October 2023 In a Bite: Like sour cream and onion with hints of fish sauce, BBQ, and heat In a Haiku: East meets West by chip. Two tastes that shouldn’t be one. But somehow just work. Origin Story: Prik pao (or roasted chili paste) is one of …