Prik pao cheese flavor

Prik Pao Cheese – Thailand

Flavor: Prik Pao Cheese

Country: Thailand

When Seen: October 2023

In a Bite: Like sour cream and onion with hints of fish sauce, BBQ, and heat

In a Haiku: East meets West by chip. Two tastes that shouldn’t be one. But somehow just work.

Origin Story: Prik pao (or roasted chili paste) is one of the classic Lay’s flavors in Thailand, along with Nori seaweed and sweet basil. But just like a couple who has been together for a long time, sometimes you just need to throw something new and unexpected into the mix to keep things fresh. At least, that’s what the most senior member of the Lay’s Flavor Department had in mind when they created this fusion. That, or they simply had way too much cheese flavoring in stock after the limited edition cheddar cheese flavor and decided to throw into a batch of prik pao on a whim.

Photo and taste submitted by: Camille

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