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Fritos chili cheese flavor

Fritos Chili Cheese – USA

Flavor: Fritos Chili Cheese Country: USA When Seen: September 2022 In a Bite: Scent of cumin, extra salty, faintest taste of cheese, no chili In a Haiku: If you like strong scents; salty, indistinct flavor; this is your new chip. Origin Story: This is the fourth of the known limited edition flavors released in the …

Jalapeño flavor

Jalapeño – USA

Flavor: Jalapeño Country: USA When Seen: April 2021 In a Bite: Savory with a hint of sour and an occasional burst of heat. In a Haiku: Like Russian roulette; without risk of grisly death. Spin without caution. Origin Story: This flavor was originally slated to be called Shishito, which explains why only about one in …

Extreme cheddar flavor

Extreme Cheddar – USA

Flavor: Extreme Cheddar Country: USA When Seen: March 2021 In a Bite: Like an explosion of concentrated cheese powder mixed with salt. In a Haiku: So much chedda here. An overnight millionaire; arrives in your mouth. Origin Story: Late nights at work in the Flavor Department led to some staff snorting pure cheese powder for …

Honey Habanero flavor

Honey Habanero – USA

Flavor: Honey Habanero Country: USA When Seen: March 2021 In a Bite: A hint of honey up front, followed by a mild spiciness. Crunchy all the way. In a Haiku: COVID closed theaters. Nosh on these sweet and hot chips. Crunch from home, no shame. Origin Story: Originally envisioned as a milder, crunchier version of …

NY style pizza flavor

New York Style Pizza – USA

Flavor: New York Style Pizza Country: USA When Seen: August 2020 In a Bite: A heavy dose of oregano, followed by a tomato-y, cheesy flavor. In a Haiku: Fuhgeddaboudit! The pizza king has been crowned. Next up, Napoli. Origin Story: Finally, the century old debate as to which pizza is the best in the US …

Flaming hot flavor

Flamin’ Hot – USA

Flavor: Flamin’ Hot Country: USA When Seen: January 2020 In a Bite: A bit tangy at first, followed by a mild spicy smack in the back of your throat a few seconds later. In a Haiku: Like a flat Cheeto, crunchier without the air, it’s tart and tingly. Origin Story: The Lay’s Flavor Department took …