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Popcorn mix flavor

Popcorn Mix – Thailand

Flavor: Popcorn Mix Country: Thailand When Seen: April 2022 In a Bite: A combination of corn, caramel, and cheddar cheese In a Haiku: Pass the what? Pass the…; popcorn flavored ‘tato chips? Not your mom’s snack food. Origin Story: We’ve all been there. You’re watching the latest release in the theater, enjoying the salty sweet …

Salmon chili lime flavor

Salmon Chili Lime – Thailand

Flavor: Salmon Chili Lime Country: Thailand When Seen: March 2022 In a Bite: A ragtag mix of sour, sweet and spicy, and salty with a hint of salmon In a Haiku: What’s left in the fridge? Old today, new tomorrow. McMurdo style! Origin Story: In 2019, the Lay’s Flavor Department unveiled the modern version of …