Popcorn mix flavor

Popcorn Mix – Thailand

Flavor: Popcorn Mix

Country: Thailand

When Seen: April 2022

In a Bite: A combination of corn, caramel, and cheddar cheese

In a Haiku: Pass the what? Pass the…; popcorn flavored ‘tato chips? Not your mom’s snack food.

Origin Story: We’ve all been there. You’re watching the latest release in the theater, enjoying the salty sweet combination of a popcorn mix only to inadvertently end up with the vestiges of a corn kernel stuck in your teeth. With no floss or toothpicks on hand, you spend the rest of the movie distracted trying to maneuver it out of the gap between your teeth with your tongue and occasionally the nail of your index finger, all to no avail. The Lay’s Flavor Department created this flavor so that you will never have to face that distracting discomfort again. Why bother with the real thing when you can eat the essence of its flavor delivered in a teeth-friendly potato chip.

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