Charcoal grilled chicken and som tam flavor

Charcoal Grilled Chicken & Somtum – Thailand

Flavor: Charcoal Grilled Chicken & Somtum

Country: Thailand

When Seen: February 2023

In a Bite: A strange mix of salty, sour, and spiciness with hints of charcoal and notes of MSG

In a Haiku: Charcoal, chili, lime. The perfect flavor pairing. Save a chicken’s life.

Origin Story: Grilled chicken and papaya salad (aka somtum or som tam) is a classic Thai dish, although its origins can be traced to Laos where it is also remains wildly popular. All that’s missing here is a side of sticky rice to finish it off. If you’re wondering why it has taken the Lay’s Flavor Department so long to bring this beloved combination to potato chip form, it is because it has taken them years of research to even attempt to come close to recreating its complex flavors.

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