Sesame sauce hot pot flavor

Sesame Sauce Hot Pot – China

Flavor: Sesame Sauce Hot Pot

Country: China

When Seen: April 2023

In a Bite: Nutty and subdued

In a Haiku: Open sesame. Get hot pot without the pain. Subtle is the word.

Origin Story: While Chinese hot pots are perhaps best known as being a deliciously spicy dish, not everyone in China has taste buds that can keep up with the roaring heat. Rumor has it that the VP of the Lay’s Flavor Department in China is one such person with a sensitive tongue. With this creation, the team not only won some brownie points with the boss, they also helped to reach an often underserved market of those who love hot pots minus the hot.

Photo and taste submitted by: Mike Cairnduff at The Helpful Panda

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