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BLT sandwich flavor

BLT Sandwich – USA

Flavor: BLT Sandwich Country: USA When Seen: May 2023 In a Bite: Smokey with a hint of mayo In a Haiku: Bacon, lettuce, and? The ‘T’ is for tomato. Taste the smokiness. Origin Story: The bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich is a classic American sandwich dating back to the early 20th century, if not earlier. …

Cuban sandwich flavor

Cuban Sandwich – USA

Flavor: Cuban Sandwich Country: USA When Seen: May 2023 In a Bite: Dill, and not much else In a Haiku: Viva la sandwich! Because the chip version died. Only dill remains. Origin Story: After cigars, the Cuban sandwich is perhaps the best known Cuban treat in the US, particularly in Florida where it has its …

Double cheeseburger flavor

Double Cheeseburger – Thailand

Flavor: Double cheeseburger Country: Thailand When Seen: May 2023 In a Bite: Like cheese, but bland In a Haiku: More than a royale. Two patties loaded with cheese. Mildly tasty. Origin Story: The Lay’s team in Thailand released a cheese burger flavor back in 2021, but this is a Max variety, so you know they …

Roscoff onion flavor

Caramelized Roscoff Onion – France

Flavor: Caramelized Roscoff Onion Country: France When Seen: March 2023 In a Bite: Like salty onion powder, with a ridged crunch In a Haiku: Pretty in pink bulbs. From Friar Cyril’s garden. To a bag of chips. Origin Story: The famous pink Oignon de Roscoff received its start close to 400 years ago when a …