Roscoff onion flavor

Caramelized Roscoff Onion – France

Flavor: Caramelized Roscoff Onion

Country: France

When Seen: March 2023

In a Bite: Like salty onion powder, with a ridged crunch

In a Haiku: Pretty in pink bulbs. From Friar Cyril’s garden. To a bag of chips.

Origin Story: The famous pink Oignon de Roscoff received its start close to 400 years ago when a Capuchin monk (not to be confused with the capuchin monkey) brought them from Portugal to the town of Roscoff in France. So beloved are they that they even have their own website, not to mention Appellation d’Origine Protégée protected status by the EU. What better way to continue their storied legacy than to mix them into a powder and sprinkle them onto a bag of ruffled potato chips.

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