Mature cheddar flavor

Mature Cheddar – France

Flavor: Mature Cheddar

Country: France

When Seen: May 2019

In a Bite: It tastes like licking a handful of processed cheddar powder. The supposed thicker cut was not that noticeable to the naked eye, but they do have a bit of an extra crunch.

In a Haiku: Slower cooked for crunch. Swimming in cheese powder bath. Would Herman be proud?

Origin Story: In this case, we actually do know the origin story at least of the brand name. According to the back of the pack, the H.W. Lay brand was created to celebrate the founder of Lay’s, Herman Lay. As for the flavor, one can only guess it is because French cheese was deemed too sophisticated for a potato chip, hence dunking it in the British-born cheddar.

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