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Baked milk flavor
Australia Taiwan

Baked Milk – Taiwan

Flavor: Baked Milk Country: Taiwan (found in Australia) When Seen: July 2022 In a Bite: Like sour cream and onion, but faintly sweet In a Haiku: A hint of sugar. Along with onions and cheese. A no-bake baked milk. Origin Story: The Lay’s Flavor Department in Taiwan is ever cognizant of their potential forced integration …

Lime and black pepper flavor
United Arab Emirates

Lime & Black Pepper – UAE

Flavor: Lime & Black Pepper Country: United Arab Emirates When Seen: November 2021 In a Bite: Just like it sounds, sour and peppery, but amplified. Strap in! In a Haiku: Lime and black pepper. A taste unlike you’d expect. Simple, yet refined. Origin Story: If there’s one thing for sure, it is that the Lay’s …