Baked milk flavor
Australia Taiwan

Baked Milk – Taiwan

Flavor: Baked Milk

Country: Taiwan (found in Australia)

When Seen: July 2022

In a Bite: Like sour cream and onion, but faintly sweet

In a Haiku: A hint of sugar. Along with onions and cheese. A no-bake baked milk.

Origin Story: The Lay’s Flavor Department in Taiwan is ever cognizant of their potential forced integration with the China LFP. Russia’s war in Ukraine, aided by Belarus, therefore sat heavy on their minds. Against that backdrop, they have made this subtle call for peace among old friends by paying tribute to the baked milk each of those nations’ loves dearly. Although, one will have to excuse them for completely misinterpreting that dish, which is literally just cooked milk, with this version, which is a baked cheese with onions.

Photo and taste submitted by: Jem

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