Lime and black pepper flavor
United Arab Emirates

Lime & Black Pepper – UAE

Flavor: Lime & Black Pepper

Country: United Arab Emirates

When Seen: November 2021

In a Bite: Just like it sounds, sour and peppery, but amplified. Strap in!

In a Haiku: Lime and black pepper. A taste unlike you’d expect. Simple, yet refined.

Origin Story: If there’s one thing for sure, it is that the Lay’s Flavor Department are avid consumers of both the annals of history and current events. While one might not think of lime and black pepper as being gourmet, the latter was apparently revered enough in ancient times to be stuffed into the nostrils of the great Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II after his death. Lime, on the other hand, has become a hot commodity for Mexican drug cartels, and is quickly becoming a member of the “green gold” group, which has heretofore been the exclusive domain of the avocado. What’s more gourmet than putting those two flavors together?

Photo and taste submitted by: Benita

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