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Flaming chili flavor

Flaming Chili – Thailand

Flavor: Flaming Chili Country: Thailand When Seen: June 2022 In a Bite: Similar to the mala flavor, spicy and tongue numbing In a Haiku: Enter Upside Down. For a rebranded mala. Same hot, numbing taste. Origin Story: This brand mashup with Netflix was created to celebrate the launch of the its hit scifi drama, Stranger …

Sweet chili and sour cream flavor
United Arab Emirates

Sweet Chili & Sour Cream – UAE

Flavor: Sweet Chili & Sour Cream Country: United Arab Emirates When Seen: November 2021 In a Bite: Sweet, spicy and creamy In a Haiku: Tantalizing chip. An adventure for your tongue. Sweet, creamy and hot. Origin Story: Another flavor in Lay’s Gourmet line, this flavor combination set the Costco world ablaze when it was first …

Wasabi mayo flavor

Wasabi Mayo – Thailand

Flavor: Wasabi Mayo Country: Thailand When Seen: June 2022 In a Bite: Mayo upfront, with a hint of wasabi In a Haiku: Toned down with mayo. Your sinuses can relax. No harsh burn today. Origin Story: Wasabi and mayonnaise, two bold flavors that elicit strong reactions from both lovers and haters alike, making them a …

Hat yai fried chicken flavor

Hat Yai Fried Chicken – Thailand

Flavor: Hat Yai Fried Chicken Country: Thailand When Seen: June 2022 In a Bite: Fried chicken skins with Thai sweet chili sauce In a Haiku: Sticky rice pairs well; and some papaya salad. Umami or bust. Origin Story: Originally hailing from the southern Thai city of Hat Yai, near the border with Malaysia, this crispy …