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Adobadas flavor

Adobadas – USA

Flavor: Adobadas Country: USA When Seen: December 2022 In a Bite: Aggressively sour, no hint of chili In a Haiku: The sour lingers; longer than Team USA; lasted in Qatar. Origin Story: This flavor is a classic from Mexico, which is sold under the Sabritas brand there. It has been introduced to the US market …

Cheddar and sour cream flavor

Cheddar & Sour Cream – USA

Flavor: Cheddar & Sour Cream Country: USA When Seen: September 2022 In a Bite: Cheesy with a hint of sour cream In a Haiku: What do we have here? A loaded baked potato. No bacon or chives. Origin Story: Cheddar and sour cream has become a standard flavor now in the US across many snack …

Chili flavor
United Arab Emirates

Chili – UAE

Flavor: Chili Country: United Arab Emirates When Seen: March 2022 In a Bite: Either our taster had COVID at the time, or this has no chili taste whatsoever. It was described as a light dusting of unripened tomato powder In a Haiku: Ersatz as they come. Don’t expect much punch in this. Straight up mild …

Mexican chili flavor
United Arab Emirates

Mexican Chili – UAE

Flavor: Mexican Chili Country: United Arab Emirates When Seen: October 2021 In a Bite: A full-bodied zing of spice in your mouth In a Haiku: An authentic blast; of spice right up in your mouth. Viva el chile. Origin Story: Word has it that chili peppers were first cultivated in Mexico. As any long-time reader …

Creamy cheddar cheese flavor

Creamy Cheddar Cheese – Jordan

Flavor: Creamy Cheddar Cheese Country: Jordan When Seen: January 2022 In a Bite: Like cheddar cheese, in chip form In a Haiku: Eat in cave or out. No limits with this cheddar. Ridged, for your pleasure. Origin Story: Legend has it that the first cheddar cheese was created, as many good things are, by accident. …

Fritos chili cheese flavor

Fritos Chili Cheese – USA

Flavor: Fritos Chili Cheese Country: USA When Seen: September 2022 In a Bite: Scent of cumin, extra salty, faintest taste of cheese, no chili In a Haiku: If you like strong scents; salty, indistinct flavor; this is your new chip. Origin Story: This is the fourth of the known limited edition flavors released in the …

Tomato ketchup flavor

Tomato Ketchup – Jordan

Flavor: Tomato Ketchup Country: Jordan When Seen: January 2022 In a Bite: Sweet tomato flavor with notes of onion, garlic, and balsamic vinegar In a Haiku: The perfect topping; for a fresh flame-grilled burger. Go fire up that grill! Origin Story: While ketchup may seem to some to be a universally standard flavor, anyone who …

Flamin' hot lime flavor

Flamin’ Hot Lime – Jordan

Flavor: Flamin’ Hot Lime Country: Jordan When Seen: May 2022 In a Bite: Like fermented citrus hot sauce In a Haiku: Turn up the sour. Pair it with a cayenne powder. Perfect tongue tingler. Origin Story: This one is as simple as they come. The Lay’s Flavor Department wanted to turn up the face puckering …

Flamin' hot flavor

Flamin’ Hot – Jordan

Flavor: Flamin’ Hot Country: Jordan When Seen: January 2022 In a Bite: A mix of vinegar and cayenne pepper In a Haiku: Perfectly paired with; celery sticks and blue cheese; and a side of beer. Origin Story: Not to be confused with the US variant, this version is more reminiscent of hot sauce. Rumor has …

Baked milk flavor
Australia Taiwan

Baked Milk – Taiwan

Flavor: Baked Milk Country: Taiwan (found in Australia) When Seen: July 2022 In a Bite: Like sour cream and onion, but faintly sweet In a Haiku: A hint of sugar. Along with onions and cheese. A no-bake baked milk. Origin Story: The Lay’s Flavor Department in Taiwan is ever cognizant of their potential forced integration …