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Macho chilli flavor
India USA

Macho Chilli – India

Flavor: Macho Chilli Country: India (found in USA) When Seen: October 2021 In a Bite: Mildly spicy ketchup In a Haiku: The Village People. If made into a snack food. Might be this macho. Origin Story: Inspired by videos of young men seeking to prove their manhood through feats of strength conquering excessively spicy food. …

Mac & cheese flavor

Mac & Cheese – Thailand

Flavor: Mac & Cheese Country: Thailand When Seen: May 2021 In a Bite: Untasted. Have you tried it? Email us and tell us what you thought. In a Haiku: Pure Southern comfort. Oozing with cheese, not whiskey. Best served warm, not nuked. Origin Story: This quintessential American comfort food is not commonly found in the …

Spicy crayfish flavor
China USA

Spicy Crayfish – China

Flavor: Spicy Crayfish Country: China (found in USA) When Seen: August 2021 In a Bite: Shrimp and herbs with a tiny hint of spice and the scent of chives, chili and seafood In a Haiku: Like mini lobster. Whether ‘Cray’ or ‘Craw’, no mind. From the mud to chips. Origin Story: Little known fact: the …