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Oregano flavor

Oregano – Thailand

Flavor: Oregano Country: Thailand When Seen: January 2022 In a Bite: Salty with a bit of a cheese taste and a faint scent of oregano. In a Haiku: Celebrate good times! The store is out of Pringles. These will have to do. Origin Story: Nothing says celebration like oregano, the herb that celebrates your planting …

Spicy Korean ramen flavor

Spicy Korean Ramen – Thailand

Flavor: Spicy Korean Ramen Country: Thailand When Seen: March 2022 In a Bite: Spicy and sweet, with notes of squid and seaweed In a Haiku: Torture for the tongue. Adrenaline starts to flow. Ready for battle. Origin Story: As we’ve documented before, the Lay’s Flavor Department (and much of Thailand’s youth) have fallen for all …

Roasted fish flavor
China USA

Roasted Fish – China

Flavor: Roasted Fish Country: China (found in USA) When Seen: February 2022 In a Bite: Like watered down BBQ with garlicky undertones. Fish taste MIA. In a Haiku: Not today hot pot. Hibernate the winter months. Roast without roasting. Origin Story: Roasted fish is a complex, flavor-packed dish from Sichuan (aka Szechuan), which, some say …

BBQ prik zab zeed flavor

BBQ Prik Zab Zeed – Thailand

Flavor: BBQ Prik Zab Zeed (literally deliciously spicy chili BBQ) Country: Thailand When Seen: March 2022 In a Bite: Spicy BBQ sauce In a Haiku: Prepare the pepto. A flaming anus awaits. Enjoy with caution. Origin Story: This flavor is so to-the-max spicy that the Lay’s Flavor Department couldn’t even compose themselves to come up …