Spicy Korean ramen flavor

Spicy Korean Ramen – Thailand

Flavor: Spicy Korean Ramen

Country: Thailand

When Seen: March 2022

In a Bite: Spicy and sweet, with notes of squid and seaweed

In a Haiku: Torture for the tongue. Adrenaline starts to flow. Ready for battle.

Origin Story: As we’ve documented before, the Lay’s Flavor Department (and much of Thailand’s youth) have fallen for all things Korean, including this, this, and this flavor in recent years. Spicy noodle packets, like the widely popular Samyang, are the perfect pick-me-up dish on the cheap, ideal for powering through an all-nighter before the big exam. Sometimes, though, there’s no time to wait for the water to boil. Cue convenience.

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