Seaweed gochujang sauce flavor

Seaweed Gochujang Sauce – Thailand

Flavor: Seaweed Gochujang Sauce

Country: Thailand

When Seen: March 2020

In a Bite: Like your run of the mill seaweed chip, but a bit of spice.

In a Haiku: When I turn twenty-five; dip me in gochujang, dear; then devour me.

Origin Story: This is one of two Lay’s Thailand 25th Anniversary flavors. The seaweed flavored chip has long been a staple of the Lay’s portfolio in Thailand. With all things Korea continuing their hot streak in the Land of Smiles, what better way to celebrate twenty-five than by throwing a bit of gochujang sauce, the staple Korean condiment, onto this old favorite. This is one mashup certain to excite the We Love Thai-Koreans community.

Alternate versions: Seen as part of the Stax series in August 2020.

Seaweed gochujang stax flavor

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