Chili crab flavor

Chili Crab – Thailand

Flavor: Chili Crab

Country: Thailand

When Seen: November 2022

In a Bite: Like roasted chili paste with sweet and fishy notes

In a Haiku: Crab goes in the pot. Followed by broth and chili. Open bag, don’t stew.

Origin Story: When wealthy and Instagram famous–or aspiring–Thais go to Singapore, the one stop they all have in common is JUMBO Seafood for their award winning chili crab. While they have since opened two branches in Thailand, both of them are at upscale malls, out of reach for most of the country. Always ones to bring exotic tastes to the masses, the Lay’s Flavor Department has created this flavor in partnership with instant noodle brand, Mama, along with the Miso Butter flavor.

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