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Chili paste flavor

Roasted Chili Paste – Thailand

Flavor: Roasted Chili Paste Country: Thailand When Seen: September 2019 In a Bite: Smokey, spicy, salty. Yum! In a Haiku: Condiment heaven. Garlic, chili, shallots mixed. Roasted divinely. Origin Story: Roasted chili paste is to Thailand like ketchup is to America or mayonnaise (yuck!) is to Belgium. It would have been an affront to its …

Butter garlic scallop flavor

Scallop Butter Garlic – Thailand

Flavor: Scallop Butter Garlic Country: Thailand When Seen: July 2020 In a Bite: Very garlicky with a squid-like aroma In a Haiku: Sweet and succulent. Potato elevated; to Michelin star. Origin Story: The Lay’s Flavor Department is going high end with this flavor celebrating their 25th anniversary in Thailand. Anyone who has every watched a …

Mala barbecue flavor

Mala Barbecue – Thailand

Flavor: Mala Barbecue Country: Thailand When Seen: March 2020 In a Bite: We’re told it’s a journey from savory and meaty to bright and acidic, with an ever increasing burn chasing not far behind. Complexity in a bite! In a Haiku: Is that barbecue? I can’t quite tell anymore, since my tongue turned off. Origin …

Seaweed gochujang sauce flavor

Seaweed Gochujang Sauce – Thailand

Flavor: Seaweed Gochujang Sauce Country: Thailand When Seen: March 2020 In a Bite: Like your run of the mill seaweed chip, but a bit of spice. In a Haiku: When I turn twenty-five; dip me in gochujang, dear; then devour me. Origin Story: This is one of two Lay’s Thailand 25th Anniversary flavors. The seaweed …