Cheeseburger flavor

Cheese Burger – Thailand

Flavor: Cheese Burger

Country: Thailand

When Seen: June 2021

In a Bite: Untasted. Have you tried it? Email us and tell us what you thought.

In a Haiku: A perfect duo. Forbidden by Exodus. Thank you, Lionel.

Origin Story: Go to any urban area in Thailand and you’ll have a hard time walking more than a few blocks without encountering a 7-11. In fact, there is roughly one 7-11 per 6,000 citizens, meaning that there are more locations of this convenience empire than there are government run hospitals and healthcare facilities. While they do sell “real” cheeseburgers, those come in a bag, are made of pork, and served fresh from a microwave. As appetizing as that sounds, for those who want to forgo flaccid meat product, 7-11 teamed up with the Lay’s Flavor Department to bring this crispy, no-microwave-necessary version of the American classic exclusively to their shelves.

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