Paprika flavor

Paprika – Thailand

Flavor: Paprika

Country: Thailand

When Seen: July 2019

In a Bite: Untasted. Have you tried it? Email us and tell us what you thought.

In a Haiku: Unoffensive taste. Don’t wipe your hands on your pants. That red pap’ will stain.

Origin Story: The Lay’s Flavor Department’s internal market research has shown that consumers who prefer baked potato chips tend to also prefer milder flavor profiles, making paprika the perfect seasoning. It’s mild, unassuming flavor appears to some to be nothing more than a flavorless food coloring. Before any paprika aficionados take us to task for our description of paprika, we should be clear that we’re speaking primarily about sweet paprika, not the marginally more flavorful smoked or hot varieties.

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