BBQ prik zab zeed flavor

BBQ Prik Zab Zeed – Thailand

Flavor: BBQ Prik Zab Zeed (literally deliciously spicy chili BBQ)

Country: Thailand

When Seen: March 2022

In a Bite: Spicy BBQ sauce

In a Haiku: Prepare the pepto. A flaming anus awaits. Enjoy with caution.

Origin Story: This flavor is so to-the-max spicy that the Lay’s Flavor Department couldn’t even compose themselves to come up with an English translation of the name, opting instead for a transliteration of the Thai name. Fitting, then, that they decided to premiere this as the latest flavor in their Max line of chips.


  1. Just ate this and it’s really not very spicy. I’m not someone who loves very spicy foods either.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Bradley. Our source on this one clearly has much more sensitive taste buds than most.

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