Red hotl chili flavor

Red Hot Chili – Thailand

Flavor: Red Hot Chili (Play series)

Country: Thailand

When Seen: May 2019

In a Bite: Paprika with a hint of chili. Only spicy to people who have crawled out from under a rock and never before tasted chili.

In a Haiku: Like falling in love…for the twenty second time. Hollow with some spice.

Origin Story: This is the first we’ve seen of the Play series (which is written in Thai), which come in the shape of 3D cross-hatched hearts. It makes sense for this playful take of Lay’s to be tested in the Land of Smiles. Our sources tell us that the idea came about when someone from the Lay’s flavor department saw bags of chips on display near the Durex Play at the cashier’s counter at a local 7-11.

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