Shrimp tom yam hot pot flavor

Shrimp Tom Yum Hot Pot – Thailand

Flavor: Shrimp Tom Yum Hot Pot

Country: Thailand

When Seen: January 2023

In a Bite: Sweet, salty, tangy, and spicy with hints of lemongrass

In a Haiku: Hot pot without flame. A menagerie of taste. Keeps your tongue in check.

Origin Story: Shrimp tom yum (aka tom yum goong) is so famous in Thailand it even has a martial arts movie named after it, most likely because its intense mix of flavors is an assault on the tongue. We’re actually surprised it took the Lay’s Flavor Department so long to release this flavor given its iconic standing in Thai cuisine. Rumor has it that they were afraid of the societal repercussions if they failed to do it justice.

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