Truffle flavor
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Truffle – Thailand

Flavor: Truffle

Country: Thailand

When Seen: March 2022

In a Bite: The aroma of truffles hits you as soon as you open the bag. Tastes like buttery truffles.

In a Haiku: Pigs can rest for good. The hunt in the woods is done. Just check aisle two.

Origin Story: When one thinks of truffles, one things of luxury, glamor, and rarity. Like the caviar of the woods, this is the perfect flavor to signal to Thailand’s aspiring nouveau riche and Instagram celebrities that Lay’s is not just some low class snack food. Crack open a bag and lose yourself in your dreams of sailing your yacht into the French or Italian Riviera, wandering ashore to that quaint little bistro, and having fresh truffles shaved directly on your entrée.

Also found in: Singapore (April 2023)

Truffle flavor

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