Sweet southern heat bbq flavor

Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue – USA

Flavor: Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue

Country: USA

When Seen: July 2019

In a Bite: Sweet BBQ flavor up front, with a hit of spiciness towards the end.

In a Haiku: Sweet on your tongue’s tip. A spicy tickle follows. Barbecue reborn.

Origin Story: Southerners love their BBQ and their sweets. No wonder 4 of the top 5 states with the highest rates of diabetes in the US come from down South. While most Southern cuisine is not typically that spicy, spice definitely does find its way into some regional BBQ recipes. Word has it that one of the Flavor Department VP’s was inspired by a recipe for sweet and spicy barbecue that they came across in Southern Living magazine, giving birth to this delicious mix.

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