Chicken & waffles flavor

Chicken & Waffles – USA

Flavor: Chicken & Waffles

Country: USA

When Seen: April 2020

In a Bite: The first flavor to hit your tongue is a sweet syrupy flavor, followed almost magically by the taste of both fried chicken and waffles.

In a Haiku: Maple syrup sweet. Drizzled over fluffy dough; with crispy chicken.

Origin Story: The origins of chicken and waffles apparently dates back to 19th century America, peaking in popularity in the 1930s before falling somewhat out of fashion. That all changed in recent years, with the Mercury News declaring in 2016 that waffle-mania had arrived. Nowadays, they have become a culinary favorite in a growing number of fast food and trendy restaurants alike, and now too, in your neighborhood junk food aisle thanks to the crack team of trend watchers in the Lay’s Flavor Department.

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  1. Possibly my favorite flavor of Lay’s. Although I’m disappointed that they’re rarely available, I also can’t stop myself from eating THE ENTIRE BAG when I find them, so at least I’m not subjecting myself to that sudden influx of sodium/fat all the time.

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