Cheddar jalapeno flavor

Cheddar Jalapeño – USA

Flavor: Cheddar Jalapeño

Country: USA

When Seen: April 2020

In a Bite: Very cheesy upfront, followed by some mild spicy tingling towards the back of the mouth.

In a Haiku: Imagine if a; badger and a Mexican; had a baby chip.

Origin Story: According to our friends at Cheese Market News, cheddar is second only to mozzarella in terms of production volume in the US, and we all (claim to) know that jalapeño is the most popular spicy chili pepper in US markets. The blandness of mozzarella made calling up cheddar for this chip the easy choice. That, plus the fact that the Lay’s team had a surplus of jalapeño powder in stock from last year’s Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Popper resulted in the birth of this latest creation.

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