Limón flavor

Limón – USA

Flavor: Limón

Country: USA

When Seen: January 2021

In a Bite: Sour, yet artificial lime taste

In a Haiku: Lemons are yellow; just like the Spanish limón; unless they are green.

Origin Story: As of 2019, the US census estimates that more than 60 million people in the US are of Hispanic origin, which is just under 1 in 5 Americans. With its Spanish language flavors such as Limón (not be confused with Lime from China), Lay’s is hoping to make inroads with this rapidly growing population segment. Unfortunately, it’s been awhile since anyone in the Lay’s Flavor Department has taken high school Spanish, as limón actually means lemon, not lime, as pictured on the packaging.


  1. Love the post but actually in many countries in latin america, Limon is commonly used to refer to both lime and lemon, each country has its variation, but normally when you are in a local market in latin america, and you ask for a lemon you get both.

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