Wasabi flavor
China USA

Wasabi – China

Flavor: Wasabi

Country: China (found in USA)

When Seen: February 2022

In a Bite: Hints of wasabi, but not enough to blow out your sinuses

In a Haiku: Not quite like hotsy. Slightly tingles the senses. Not all out assault.

Origin Story: Native to Japan, Korea, and Russia’s far east, this rhizome derived condiment has a knack for opening up the nasal cavities of those brave enough to consume it. Of course, much of ‘wasabi’ on the market is actually imitation made from horseradish. Whether fake or real, wasabi is widely known for its place next to sushi. The Lay’s Flavor Department decided that it was time to put wasabi on the center stage with this release. Second fiddle, no more!

Photo and taste submitted by: The Snack Panel

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