Honey barbecue flavor

Honey Barbecue – USA

Flavor: Honey Barbecue

Country: USA

When Seen: March 2023

In a Bite: Smokey and sweet with a bit of tang

In a Haiku: Bees work hard for you. Barbecue for the sweet tooth. Thanks pollinators.

Origin Story: Americans love barbecue sauce, with some estimates claiming that over 80% of Americans use some form of barbecue sauce to flavor their food. While the origins of sweeter barbecue sauce trace their origins to the inclusion of molasses, honey barbecue sauce has long been a staple flavor in the condiments aisle. It was even one of the first Lay’s Poppables flavors. Short answer, then, they’d pretty much be leaving money on the table if they didn’t offer this flavor to the public.

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