Braised pork ball flavor

Braised Pork Ball in Brown Sauce – China

Flavor: Braised Pork Ball in Brown Sauce

Country: China

When Seen: June 2024

In a Bite: Herbal umami, with the smell of a Chinese restaurant

In a Haiku: If you love big balls; covered in thick, gooey sauce; these chips are for you.

Origin Story: This flavor is inspired by the famed lion’s head meatballs, which are traditionally served on Chinese New Year. Sometimes, though, you don’t want to wait until the next New Year to have your fix of lion’s head. Again, to the rescue, comes the Lay’s Flavor Department, assuring that you can enjoy the taste of lion’s head meatballs year round, or while supplies last.

Photo and taste submitted by: onoinrings with flavor assist from Alisa

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