Cucumber flavor
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Cucumber – China

Flavor: Cucumber

Country: China

When Seen: May 2019

In a Bite: Unpleasant on the nose, just like cucumbers on the tongue. Some even say it is sweet.

In a Haiku: Bland vegetable taste. Who wouldn’t love that on chips? Cukes to the rescue!

Origin Story: The flavor department was looking for a bland, vegetable flavor to add to their offerings. It was a close call with iceberg lettuce flavor, but ultimately, cucumber won out.

Taste submitted by: Marc

Also found in: Canada and USA (in tube form)


  1. This flavor is delicious, probably my favourite out of all the ones in china. It doesn’t remind me of a cucumber. It’s sweeter than you’d expect.

  2. My local Asian market, Assi Market in North Wales, Pennsylvania, America has these. I grabbed a bag. They are definitely sweet like 涂芬妮 said above. I’d say it’s almost like a shortbread cookie flavor. I do recommend them! The package date is 9/14/2020.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Rick. If you come across any new and unique flavors at that market that we don’t have here, please do send them our way.

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