Yogurt & Herbs flavor

Yogurt & Herbs – Jordan

Flavor: Yogurt & Herbs

Country: Jordan

When Seen: June 2021

In a Bite: Strong notes of yogurt, curdled lightly in the summer heat, combined with a delicate mix of pungent seasonal herbs, most notably chives.

In a Haiku: Not the herbs you think. Nosh without fear of the fuzz. Safely curdled too.

Origin Story: After the release of Labneh and Mint in 2017, the Lay’s complaint line was flooded with calls from angry, uncultured customers demanding they immediately put a stop to using such an “ethnic” ingredient. This time around, they opted for the more generic ‘yogurt’ moniker, threw in a few extra herbal friends to go with the mint, and went back to frying instead of baking them, to the delight of the palettes of both the uncultured and cultured alike.

Photo and taste submitted by: Benita

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